New submission guidelines!

We’ve recently updated our submission guidelines. Three major changes for the upcoming issue of CLR:

  • Our reading period opens on September 1 and closes on December 31.
  • We accept submissions in three categories: Poetry, Prose and Possibility. The first category should be self-explanatory (right?). The second does not distinguish between fiction and non-fiction (we want both). The third is open to your interpretation and subject to your execution (we don’t know what’s possible; it’s your job to show us). 
  • For the first time in the history of the magazine, CLR will be accepting electronic submissions. We remain open to mailed submissions as well. Electronic submissions will be managed through Submittable.

For more details and the link to our Submittable page, please check out the updated submission guidelines.

Social media updates

CLR is now on Twitter! You can find us there at @clackamaslitrev and we’d love to swap virtual conga lines with you. Also: if you’re a past contributor with an active Twitter profile, please send us a direct message there so we can brag on you.

Our Facebook profile recently maxed out at 5,000 friends, so we’ve created a new CLR page there. If you’ve tried to send us a friend request on Facebook but haven’t been able to join us, please go to our new page and click Like to have our Facebookery all up in your newsfeed business.