Our 2020 issue is here!


Please help us say hello to the 24th volume of our Clackamas Literary Review! CLR.2020..indd

Our cover artist is Sophie Estrada. Thank you, Sophie, for Healing Hands—it makes for a beautiful cover!

Thanks to our student editors—your hard work and exuberance is why this book exists in the world! Thanks also to the CCC English faculty, staff, and publishing alumni who volunteered their time as associate editors on this incredible issue.

And thanks especially to our authors: the writers and poets who, year after year, trust us with their wonderful words—your work is what drives our commitment to publish. This year’s contributors include:

Chris Anderson, Jacob M. Appel, Rachel Arteaga, Bruce Barrow, Rachel Barton, Nathan Bas, Ace Boggess, Andrea Campbell, S.W. Campbell, Geoff Cannard, Marisa P. Clark, Thomas Cooper, Brian Cronwall, Riley Danvers, Michelle DeLiso, Judith DeVilliers, Erin Doyle, Birch Dwyer, Jack Eikrem, Sharon Goldberg, John Grey, Hilary Harper, Joseph Harris, Suzy Harris, Lisa Higgs, Romana Iorga, Marc Jampole, John P. Kristofco, David Langlinais, Jeffrey Letterly, Sherri Levine, Jennifer Lothrigel, Michael Milburn, Susannah B. Mintz, Cecil Morris, Greg Nicholl, James B. Nicola, Nancy Nowak, Simon Perchik, Paulann Petersen, Vivienne Popperl, Corey S. Pressman, Joel Savishinsky, Alicia Schmidt, Dave Seter, Chet Skibinski, Darcy Smith, David Spiering, Matthew J. Spireng, Elizabeth Stoessl, John Struloeff, Adam Tavel, Jacob D. Thompson, Marty Walsh, John Sibley Williams, and Henry Wise.

Finally, thanks to our readers—simply: you are why we publish.

So, once more, say hello to the 2020 issue of the Clackamas Literary Review! It’s a book made just for you. For just right now.