25 is alive!

Dear friends,

The 25th volume of our Clackamas Literary Review has arrived! 

Our thanks to Brook Johnson for gifting us Cloud Nine for this year’s cover!

And thanks to our incredible assistant editors for their tireless work and commitment to publish another issue of our beloved literary journal! Thanks also to the CCC English faculty, staff, and publishing alumni who volunteered their time as associate editors.

Our thanks especially to the writers and poets for sharing your remarkable work with us—this year, especially, your words keep us going. Contributors include:

Ken Autrey, Diane Averill, Devon Balwit, Nathan Bas, Trent Busch, William J. Cobb, Nicole Cortino, Riley Danvers, Hannah Davis, Susanne Davis, Adam Day, Linda Drach, Bernard W. Duffy, Meli Broderick Eaton, Andrew Rader Hanson, William Heath, Madronna Holden, Wynne Hungerford, Marc Jampole, M. Jennings, Jeffrey Kingman, Robert Krut, Jeffrey Letterly, Mary Makofske, Steven Mayer, Melissa McKinstry, Colton Merris, Cecil Morris, Scott F. Parker, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Barry Peters, Daniel Pié, Geoff Polk, Vivienne Popperl, Bruce Pratt, Levi Rogers, Mary Rohrer-Dann, Karen Sandberg, Mark Simpson, Geo. Staley, Jeanine Stevens, Robert Stone, Stephanie Striffler, Anannya Uberoi, Peter Vertacnik, John Walser, Francis Walsh, Alanna Weissman, and Darlene Young.

Finally, and as always, thank you to our readers. The 2021 issue of the Clackamas Literary Review is our gift to you. Enjoy!