Publishing at CCC

Study the art and practice the craft of book publishing at CCC! With opportunities to work with industry professionals in the classroom and contribute to the publication of the renowned Clackamas Literary Review, we offer a variety of publishing courses each year:

WR-148, Self-publishing: Design and Layout
This course offers a hands-on approach to using book design software. The goal of this class is to introduce students to design, layout, and marketing techniques that will enable them to publish their own material.

WR-149, Introduction to Blogging
In this course students will create and manage blogs of various content and purpose, exploring a variety of platforms and writing for diverse audiences.

WR-246, Editing and Publishing
Our flagship publishing course. For students with an interest in creative writing and/or literary journal design, layout, and publication who wish to develop editing and publishing skills.

WR-248, Bookmaking: Design and Layout
This course covers the design and layout process to produce and publish manuscripts in book form. It includes basic design theory and the step-by-step process for laying out a manuscript using professional design software. Students will also learn how to submit publishable files for print-on-demand (POD).

WR-250, Book Promotion
The purpose of this course is to understand the role of marketing in book publishing, and to develop the necessary skills to create promotional materials including marketing plans, tip sheets, press releases, and collateral.

ENG-280, CWE
Cooperative Work Experience. Work as a publishing course teaching assistant or English department intern (as needed).

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