CLR 2016!

The 2016 volume of the Clackamas Literary Review has arrived!CLR.2016.front cover image.web

This year we feature spectacular new work from artists we are thrilled to publish: Blaise Allen, Kristy Athens, Morris Collins, Asha Dore, Nausheen Eusuf, Alexis Fedorjaczenko, Ruth Foley, M.K. Foster, Jonathan Greenhause, Luke B. Goebel, Meredith Hamilton, Toni Hanner, Maya Hickman, Alex Andrew Hughes, Jamie Iredell, Michael Johnson, J.M. Jones, Cindy King, Jen Knox, Donald Levering, Jacob Lindberg, Jennifer Zeynab Maccani, Margaret Malone, Todd McKie, Mary Miller, Stacey Allen Mills, Sonnet Mondal, Jed Myers, Robert Nazarene, Randolph Parker, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Paulann Petersen, Oliver Rice, Matthew Robinson, Ruben Rodriguez, Frank Rossini, Mike Salisbury, Cameron Schott, Adam Tavel, Ed Taylor, Katie Todd, James Valvis, Dennis Vanvick, Dov Weinman, John Sibley Williams, Joan Wilking, Andrea Wyatt, and A.R. Zarif.

Published annually by students and faculty at Clackamas Community college, the associate editors of this year’s CLR include Marlene Broemer, Trista Cornelius, Sean Davis, Trevor Dodge, Jeff McAlpine, Nicole Rosevear, and Amy Warren. This faculty support is incredible, and necessary to the amazing work we do in the English department at CCC. Thank you!

It would not have been possible to publish this magazine without the exceptional collaboration of students in WR246: Editing and Publishing. This year’s assistant editors include Becca Aguilar, Joe Ballard, Julia Berezhnoy, Tom Boggess, Eric Bronson, Janel Brubaker, Jack Eikrem, Ashley Goolsby, Rebekah Lee, Victoria Marinelli, Delilah Martinez, Colton Merris, Shilo Niziolek, Alexa Short, Natalie Spitzer, and Chelsea Thiel. You are the reason this artifact exists. You did the work. Together. And you should be proud. On behalf of readers everywhere, thank you!

2016 reading period

Our reading period for the 2016 issue has ended. We want to thank everyone who shared their work with us. Final selections are being made and notifications are coming soon. Our faculty and student editors look forward to publishing another stellar issue of incredible writing. Thank you for making this possible.

CLR 2015!

CLR.2015.Front CoverAbsolutely thrilled today to announce the arrival of the brand new issue of CLR! This year the magazine adopted a gorgeous, full-color format with incredible new work from Rafael Alvarez​, Matt Bell​, Susannah Breslin​, S. Cearley, Kim Chinquee​, Susan DeFreitas​, Steve Denniston, JJ Chen Henderson, Shane Hinton​, Lily Hoang​, William Jolliff, Kelly Jones, Dana Koster, Michael Mejia​, Lydia Netzer​, Wendy C. Ortiz​, Joanna Lynne Ponce, Jay Ponteri​, Daniel Romo, Lois Rosen​, Kevin Sampsell​, Tom Saya, Katherine Clarke Sinback, Noel Sloboda, Ben Slotky, Aron Nels Steinke, Julia Stoops, Rosalyn Stovall, Nick Triolo, Vandoren Wheeler​, Robert Wrigley​, and John Yohe.

None of this would have been possible without the awesome crew we had this year. Big, big thanks to Marlene Broemer, Trista Cornelius​, Sean Davis​, Sue Mach​, Jeff McAlpine​, Nicole Rosevear​, and Matt Warren for digging through the slushpile with me. And even bigger thanks to Matt’s incredible production and layout crew from ENG246: Samantha Batey, Donald Beach​, Julia Berezhnoy, Janel Brubaker, Vitaliy Burlaka, Angela Douglass, Chelsie Gaither, Leslie Garrick, Elissa Johnson, Vera Johnson, Victoria Marinelli, Delilah Martinez, and Shilo Niziolek.

And extra special notes of thanks to Ryan Davis​, the CCC English Department​, and Clackamas Community College​ for all your help and support!

2015 issue reading period

We closed our open reading period for the 2015 issue on December 31 and want to thank everyone who shared their work with us. We’re in the process of making the final selections right now and will be sending out notifications shortly. We think we’re building an amazing issue for you with incredible writing and art that we simply can’t wait to show you.

New submission guidelines!

We’ve recently updated our submission guidelines. Three major changes for the upcoming issue of CLR:

  • Our reading period opens on September 1 and closes on December 31.
  • We accept submissions in three categories: Poetry, Prose and Possibility. The first category should be self-explanatory (right?). The second does not distinguish between fiction and non-fiction (we want both). The third is open to your interpretation and subject to your execution (we don’t know what’s possible; it’s your job to show us). 
  • For the first time in the history of the magazine, CLR will be accepting electronic submissions. We remain open to mailed submissions as well. Electronic submissions will be managed through Submittable.

For more details and the link to our Submittable page, please check out the updated submission guidelines.

Social media updates

CLR is now on Twitter! You can find us there at @clackamaslitrev and we’d love to swap virtual conga lines with you. Also: if you’re a past contributor with an active Twitter profile, please send us a direct message there so we can brag on you.

Our Facebook profile recently maxed out at 5,000 friends, so we’ve created a new CLR page there. If you’ve tried to send us a friend request on Facebook but haven’t been able to join us, please go to our new page and click Like to have our Facebookery all up in your newsfeed business.